The Selfie Goes South…to The Belfie – The Butt Selfie

The belfie, a selfie of your butt, is proof the the selfie is behind us, but it has mutated to the belfie and belfie stick featured on Biology of Technology We now have proof the the selfie is behind us – the belfie – a selfie of your butt.

But they say the selfie is passe and going the way of the mullet. Has it’s partner-in-crime the selfie stick (or the narcissi-stick) gone with it? Apparently it has mutated to the belfie and belfie stick.

Okay, here are some definitions to help you catch-up

A picture of yourself taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone usually with the device held at arm’s length or pointed at a mirror and often shared on social media.

Selfie Stick:
A device for those who have no friends to take their picture and don’t have access to a mirror.  The selfie stick is a telescoping wands that extends a phone camera to get a better shot when taking a selfie.

A selfie of your butt

Belfie Stick:
A selfie stick designed to take a better belfie of your butt

The selfie has become core part of the social media culture. But let’s be honest, we have a love-hate relationship with the selfie.

For example, here’s why we love the selfie:

Nick Jonas selfie on Biiology of Technology at

And now the hate:

Justin Bieber selfie on Biiology of Technology at

Sorry Bieber fans, but even you have to admit this one is bad. Someone needs to take his selfie stick and spank him with it.

But where will this belfie/beflie-stick trend go – probably south. But for now the belfie stick appears to be the hottest stick in town. Yikes!

The belfie stick can help you get just the right angle to take flattering images of your best asset. But the belfie stick will set you back $79.99. Who can afford that bedsides Kim Kardashian?  But it does seem like the perfect gift for the person who has everything and/or for someone wanting to spice-up their Tinder profile (or Grindr, no judgement here).

But if you don’t want to get left behind you can pre-order your belfie stick here:

FYI – the overuse of the word “but” was done on purpose – get it (wink).

Your Tablet Can Mess With Your Sleep

Your Tablet Can Mess With Your Sleep on Biology of TechnologyThere’s nothing like curling up with a good book in bed to relax before dozing off to sleep.  And there’s nothing like reading your favorites books on your tablet or smartphone device.

But a recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reveals that your tablet and other devices might be keeping you up at night — and making you sleepy the next morning.

The study points to the blue light emitted by mobile devices as the guilty culprit.  This short wavelength light can disrupt circadian rhythms, suppress levels of the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin, reduce the amount and delay the timing of REM sleep, and reduce alertness the following morning.

An author from the study was quoted in the The Wall Street Journal saying, “Many people read things to help them fall asleep. They probably don’t realize that this technology is actually making them less likely to feel sleepy.”

But fear not, can still keep reading as a part of you bedtime ritual, you can read a book – a traditional book – you know, those things made of paper.  For the digital junkie who can’t let go of their tablet habit there may be a loophole with the original Kindle, specifically the one with no back-lighting.

Reading in bed is still a good way to wind-down, but you should use traditional printed materials, such as a bound book, printed magazine. or newspaper (yes, they still exist).


Tech Savvy Kid Helps Police With His Rescue

Tech Savvy Kid Helps Police With His Rescue featured on Biology of Technology by TecAdvocatesIn a story that almost seems like a movie, the police find a 13-year-old boy behind a fake wall in his father’s house four years after his mother reported him missing.  But what makes this story even more spectacular is how this tech savvy kid showed some clever tech skills to help the police with his rescue.

This young man, who has been identified as Gregory Jean, Jr. was being abused and held captive in a hidden room of a southern suburb house in Atlanta, Georgia.  According to police, this secret chamber was behind a false wall that had been “camouflaged with towels.”

But how this smart young man engineered his own rescue is impressive.   The police report that the boy managed to install the magicJack app (call magicApp) on a smartphone to which he had access. Using that app, which allows free phone calls, he contacted a family member in Florida, saying where he was and that he was being beaten by his father. This family member, reportedly his sister, then told his mother.

At first the police did not find Gregory, Jr. because the father and step mother had hid him in a secret room above the garage, accessed by a false plywood wall at the back of a closet.

However, Gregory, Jr. kept his cool and used the phone he had configured to call his mother directly with directions to the the hidden room.  The police returned for a second visit as he was on the phone live with his mom, giving her instructions, when police finally located him.

The result is a tearful reunion with his mother and a story with a happy ending thanks to Gregory, Jr.’s smart use of technology.

Police have arrested the boy’s father, 37-year-old Gregory Jean Sr., and stepmother, 42-year-old  Samantha Joy Davis, charging them with false imprisonment, cruelty to children and obstruction. The other three people arrested were juveniles that were helping cover-up the kidnapping.  The couple has been denied bond and are in jail.

For the father and stepmother, it’s going to take a lot more than a “magic app” to get these two off the hook for this heinous crime.

For Gregory Jean, Jr., keep an eye on this tech savvy kid as he is surely going places.

Holiday Rube Goldberg Amazing Machine from Vintage Toys

Holiday Rube Goldberg Amazing Machine from Vintage Toys on Biology of TechnologyThis viral video ties together vintage toys in a Rube Goldberg fashion.  It brings back a lot of good Christmas morning memories.

Starting with Mousetrap (a Rube Goldberg toy), it’s a trip down Christmas memory lane with retro toys that includes a slinky, a toy train, dominos, a stick bomb, LEGO bricks, playing cards, windup toys, Scrabble tiles, and even a Mr. Potato overseeing the project.

Photobomb Backgrounds

Photobomb: Any time the background of a picture hijacks the original focus.

Photo tip:  Make sure the background of you picture stays in the background!

Here are some awesome photobomb backgrounds:

Photobomb on Biology of Technology

Anal Kingdom – Don’t Turn Around!

Photobomb on Biology of Technology

Photobombed by Jesus


Photobomb on Biology of Technology

Grooms gone wild


Photobomb on Biology of Technology

The excitement of the first day of hore (whore) school.


Photobomb on Biology of Technology

When you gotta go, you gotta go!

Geek Gifts for Techies

Geek Gifts for Techies featured on Biology of TechnologyEveryone has a least one techie in their life.  It’s a matter of tech survival.  But geeks are in demand, so how can you insure you get moved to the front of the queue the next time your PC crashes and you call your geek friend for tech support?
Solution – a Holiday gift for the geek(s) in your life. 

But what do you get a techie for Christmas that doesn’t seem like something that escaped from the island of misfit toys?

Sheldon’s T-shirts from The Big Bang Theory

Geek Gifts for Techies featured on Biology of TechnologyGeeks love t-shirts.  And geeks love The Big Bang Theory (who doesn’t).  The Sheldon’s T-shirts website features the best t-shirts worn by Sheldon and Leonard, plus Howard’s belt buckles, and cool stuff seen on the show.  (Periodic Table shower curtain, anyone?)



The ThinkGeek website is Nerdvana of cool geeks gifts.
It serves the market that is passionate about technology, from programmers, engineers, students, lovers of open source, to the masses that helped create the behind-the-scenes Internet culture.
So just about anything on this website will be an awesome techie gift.

The ThinkGeek light sabers look amazing.  If you give this as a gift, the Force will be with you in the eyes of your techie buddy and you will always be on the top of the list when you need tech support.


Geek Gifts for Techies featured on Biology of TechnologyKleargear – Where Geeks Rule

Geared toward the working techie, the Kleargear website features stuff you can use in the office.  It boasts that it has hard-to-find geek items.

The Batman Desktop Bat Signal is something any geek would want on their desk.


A geek gift is a great way to say thanks for tech support favors.

Apple Lisa Commercial from 1983 Featuring a Young Kevin Costner

Let’s turning back the tech clock and time warp to 1983.  It was the year Apple introduced the Lisa, their first graphics-based PC with a hefty price tag of $9,995.  And it was the year a young Kevin Costner was featured in a Lisa commercial.

Wow!  What a difference three decades make, for Apple and Kevin Costner.

Lisa Fun Facts

  • Lisa was officially short for “Local Integrated Systems Architecture”, but was also named after Steve Jobs’ daughter.
  • The expensive price tag of almost $10,000 was because each Lisa was handmade.  The robot-manufactured Macintosh introduced in 1984 was about a third the price of the Lisa.

It was also in 1983 that the “The Big Chill” came out where Costner played the corpse (and was never really seen).  Both Apple and Kevin Costner have come a long way since 1983.



Top 3 Weird iPhone Chargers

grow cableWant to charge-up the mundane task of charging your iPhone.  Here are 3 weird and creepy iPhone chargers.

Creepy Umbilical Cord Charger
The Grow Cable is an iPhone charger shaped like an umbilical cord.  And just to add to the creepiness, it pulses and throbs while charging.  Check-out the video:


I feel like I need to take a shower after watching this.

It’s just a matter of time before the Grow Cable is featured on 1000 Ways To Die because some dude tries charging his iManhood with it.  What could go wrong?

Got Wood – Get Charged
Woodtec makes docking stations made from different types of wood.  Perfect for the mountain cabin where you go to get away from everything but can’t part with your iPhone.

iphone wood charger

The iCharger in The Rye
Booksi has made J.D. Salinger’s beloved book “The Catcher in the Rye” into a iPhone charger for the bibliophile.  I’m so sure J.D. Salinger would approve.  (Where’s my sarcasm sign?)

iphone book charger

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