SOPA and PIPA get a Black-eye and a Blackout

The censorship bills SOPA and PIPA are no longer being censored.  The mainstream media news has been all but silent on the topic because their parent companies are backing these bills.  But thanks to people rising-up in protest, SOPA and PIPA have gotten a black-eye and are loosing momentum.  Recent press releases from the White House indicate that President Obama will not support SOPA/PIPA in its current form.  Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, and other Internet biggies have joined the chorus of dissent against SOPA/PIPA.  Wikipedia has taken it a step further by blacking-out their site on Wednesday, January 18, 2012.  If you go to on 1/18/2012, here’s the message:

If you are still trying to understand the online can-of-worms that SOPA/PIPA will open, here’s how it will work.

Suppose someone very drunk driving a Ford Mustang crashing into your house wrecking havoc on your home.  You could take the drunk to court to recover your losses.  But under current law you could not sue Ford for making the Mustang.  SOPA/PIPA is the online equivalent to changing the law so that anyone can punish Ford for something a drunk did while driving a Mustang.  Of course this is not fair and is the very definition of the frivolous use of the courts.
But if SOPA/PIPA passes, big media will be empowered to take down Internet companies (big and small) by accusation without due process.

Still trying to understand SOPA/PIPA?  Stephen Colbert explains it in only the way he can.

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Here are more links on SOPA/PIPA and how your voice can be heard:

Once Again Big Government Tries to Destroy the Internet – STOP SOPA and PIPA!

Geeks 1, Congress 0


There are already laws in place protecting copyrights.  WE DON”T NEED MORE LAWS, especially if those laws facilitate online censorship, as SOPA/PIPA do.


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